I believe that we are partners in the healing process.  My role is to mirror back to you the complexity of what is happening within your mind, body, spirit - to see patterns in the whole picture that can be hard to see when you are in the midst of being yourself.  I then offer you my experience, training, and skills to come up with a wholistic plan to support and nurture you in your process to heal yourself.  I use food and herbs as a starting place to help you bring your life into balance. We are all in a constant process of finding balance in each moment of our lives. Being out of balance is not a reflection of who we are as people - it is merely a non-judgmental statement, a tool for developing a deeper, richer understanding of who we are and how to bring balance and joy into our daily lives.  

I believe that health encompasses who we are wholistically in mind, body, and spirit.  Because of this belief, I use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda (Indian energetic healing system) as a framework for understanding how physical symptoms fit together with the emotional and spiritual self.  This helps us formulate a comprehensive strategy - one that involves diet, exercise, creative practices, and herbs  - to facilitate bringing these elements back into balance.  Equally important once the different systems of the body are brought back into balance is maintaining that state.  Both the TCM and Ayurvedic systems emphasize preventive health and offer a framework individuals can use to better understand the things that can disturb their personal balance, as well as appropriate strategies for nurturing and maintaining balance within the mind, body, and spirit.