Testimonial #1
I have been working long distance with Michele for almost 2 years now.  I was a little reluctant at first on how this would work over the phone or via email, but my concerns were quickly dismissed after my first phone consultation.  Michele immediately put me at ease with her compassionate nature and her excellent listening skills.  In a very short time she was able to pinpoint my problems, recommend a treatment strategy and explain all this to me in layman terms.  I am so impressed by her promptness to emails or phone messages and I always have my herbal remedies within days. 
Michele really helped me get through a difficult transition in my life that was causing stress, fatigue and other health related issues.  I have become so much stronger and happier both physically and emotionally.  I have since consulted with Michele on a number of health concerns from colds and flu, digestive problems, and perimenopause symptoms.  She even recommended a remedy for motion sickness when I was traveling!   I highly recommend Michele – she is very professional and an excellent, highly skilled herbalist.

Rose Wich, Wisconsin
Testimonial #2
A couple of years ago my healthcare provider informed me that I was in a pre-diabetic state. Of course I looked at him as if he had purchased his medical degree because, first of all to my knowledge there was no history of diabetes in my family, and secondly, I did not fit the profile; I was not over-weight, and my lifestyle was certainly not sedentary,  Sadly, after diabetic screening, the prognosis became a reality.
Very shortly after this, there were several very unfortunate occurrences starting with finding out that my oldest sister in New York had fallen on the streets with seizures. My then 83 year-old father became very ill and my darling daughter was admitted to intensive care with a stroke on the brain. Needless to say with all this going on I was not paying any attention to my pre-diabetic status. So by the time I was able to gain my footing again, the status was full blown diabetes.
I was telling my daughter about how dumb-founded I was when I went back to the doctor for a check-up and my A1C number had risen considerably. She shared by concern and strongly suggest (“Moma you need to call Michele”) that I contact an herbalist in North Carolina that had done wonders to help get her system back in balance after her stroke. I did not hesitate since my blood sugar was hovering in the 400 range.
I called Michele Collins Vergara at the Naturopathic Health Clinic, explained what was going on with my health and scheduled and appointment. During each session, her questions were probing and purposeful. She asked about things I never would have connected to being diabetic. She explained each point and I was amazed at just how things in our bodies are interconnected.
Only after Michel was comfortable with the right amount of information, she put together a batch of herbs in the form of tea that was tailored just for me and what was happening in my system. I started drinking the tea immediately and so help, the results were almost instantaneous. I called my daughter in a state of exhilaration because I had tried for months to get my blood sugar under control using “Western Medicine Style” and it wasn’t working. Anyone who has battled diabetes can attest to how long those five-seconds can be waiting to see the numbers, and when my numbers started going from 274 to 120, it was all the confirmation I needed to realize I made the right decision to call Michele Collins Vergara.
My last visit to my healthcare provider further confirmed this decision because now, my A1C number is that a person with no diabetes. MY NUMBER IS 5.9!!!  

Barbara, Columbia SC
Testimonial #3
As a Holistically-based Clinical Health Psychologist, I have worked with many clients who look for alternatives to pharmaceuticals to treat their anxiety, depression, or other emotional conditions and situations. I have come to know Michele on both a personal and professional level and very much value her work and extensive knowledge as an Herbalist and Chinese Medicine practitioner. The opportunity to work closely with her as a professional has provided a much needed service in the community, as well as has allowed a much more natural and comprehensive approach to emotional healing. While there is a place for allopathic psychotropic medications in the world, I would highly encourage anyone who is seeking a more natural approach to emotional healing to work with Michele. 

Katherine T. Kelly, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.
Licensed Practicing Clinical Psychologis

Testimonial #4
I am a 58 year old woman.  I have just completed a huge developmental stage in my life.  Now that I am nearing the age of 60, I slow down to take a breath as my midlife years come to an end. I went through perimenopause, menopause and my initial steps of post menopause.  At times during these years of transition I felt like I was on a roller coaster.  Now my life is beginning a new adventure where I will be navigating the last stage of my life.
I am writing to Michele to thank her for her counsel and her herbal remedies mainly my daily herbal tea, that have helped me to make my midlife journey a healthy, kind and feminine process in spite of the ups and downs.  Michele has listened, tracked, and attuned to my specific needs.  Her one on one relationship makes me feel like I am her only client.  She takes time in an unhurried manner to relate to me and my health concerns.
Working with Michele and her caring herbs has taught me that herbs heal in s slow, gentle and deep cellular way.  Western medicine for me is like having an intrusive bulldozer plow through my body trying to repair its illusion of pathological disease or illness, often leaving me feeling wounded and abandoned.  I find that working with herbs is similar to an archaelogical dig. In an archaelogical dig, the archaelogist, uses small, soft brushes to gently uncover buried treasure.  Herbs use this same technique to gently sweep away what I no longer need until I am able to reconnect to my inner treasures of good health and well being.  Herbs have been a significant part of my feminine, healing path.  They have supported my slow, methodological small steps of internal change that I had to do on my own.  My favorite benefits from using healing herbs have been my deep sense of peace and well being, my strong vibrant immune system, and my excellent mightily restorative deep sleep.
 As I begin my new developmental stage, I know I want Michele and her herbs beside me.  I need their nurturing assistance to help soften my aging path.  Thanks you, Michele.
Susan, Hillsborough, NC

Testimonial #5
Where to begin…  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer the summer of 2007 adding to my already high blood pressure and cholesterol.  As a fitness specialist and owner of Comprehensive Fitness Solutions, I knew I would need to take a multifaceted approach to my treatment.
The protocol would involve prayer, nutrition, vitamins, and quarterly visits with my doctor.  I had heard about Michele from colleagues and clients, they were all impressed with her as a person and as a professional.  I felt like God was leading me to explore herbs as an integral part of my treatment.
My first office visit with Michele was two hours long and involved a questionnaire that she went through with me.  She thoroughly questioned me about my health and answered all of my questions forming a personalized herbal response.  Her interaction with me was an uncommon among health professionals; she took time to get to “know” me!
When it came time to pick-up my first batch of herbs, they were in powder form.  They came with specific instructions on how to prepare the tea.  We discussed how often and what times of the day were most beneficial to drink the tea.  A few days into my drinking the tea, Michele called to check on my reactions to making, drinking, and taste of the tea.
At the time, I would need more powder for a new batch of tea she would ask about how it was working.  Based on my feedback, she would adjust the herbal formula. Fast forward…  Upon further discussion she decided to give me the whole herbs to boil for tea.  Her interest did not stop with the herbs; she is always asking about my doctor visits and any test results.
The bottom line is this...  Michele is an exceptional listener and very compassionate.  She has an excellent knowledge of herbs and their use along with a confidential approach to working with you as a consummate professional.

Ty Rice, Winston Salem, NC

Testimonial #6

This is a unsolicited testamonial for Michele Collins Vergara, RH (AHG).
I have had the pleasure of working with michele on a proffesional level, we are both grads of the East West program, and I have been her mentor and helped her apply (successfully) for professional membership with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG).

I have also had opportunities to seek out michele's work as an herbalist for my own health concerns. I have always been impressed with her skill and intuitive knowledge as a healer. I could choose from a lot of herbalists but michele is my #1 choice. There is a saying that goes " the student becomes the teacher," and I have found this to be so true working with michele. She teaches me everytime we work together.
I highly recommend her!

sincerely, Miles Coleman RH (AHG)

Miles Coleman RH AHG

Testimonial #7

I first sought herbal therapy from Michele Collins Vergara to boost my immune system and increase my energy level. Within in the first month of taking the herbs, I've noticed a drastic difference in how I feel physically. I have more energy than ever, my skin is healthier looking and brighter, dark circles under my eyes have disappeared, and I am more rested. Because I feel so amazing physically, I've also been able to also improve my mental and emotional health. I've become very in tune with my body and now identify what makes me feel good and bad. I feel very centered.

My experience with Michele has been wonderful and the results are better than I could have expected. I feel the best I've felt in my 25 years and I truly believe it is a result of Michele and the herbal formula she has designed for me.

Ashley, Winston Salem, NC

Testimonial #8
Thank Michele. You can use me as an example testimony. The herbs are the only thing that work for symptoms and they work within days. Thanks for everything! (NOTE: he is referring to Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms of urgent bowel movements with blood in stools)

Scott, Greensboro, NC