Therapies Offered

Individualized herbal formulas
Medical qi gong
Lifestyle coaching
Nutritional counseling
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbs and Herbal formulas
I have a full herbal pharmacy with over 300 western, Chinese, and Indian raw herbs, individual herbal fluid extracts (tinctures), flower essences, as well as traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic formulas available in pill and powder form. Herbal formulas are available in a variety of forms for internal usage, from teas and traditional Chinese tangs, powders and pastes, raw herbs used for cooking, fluid extracts, pills, and syrups, as well as for external usage in the form of liniments, salves, and oils. The delivery method for herbal formulas are tailored to match the individual’s condition, constitution, lifestyle, and preferences.

The following are brief descriptions of the different ways that herbal formulas can be taken:
Fluid Extracts (tinctures) – a form in which the constituents of herbs are extracted in an alcohol or glycerin base

Chinese tangs (teas) – this is a traditional way of taking Chinese herbs in which an herbal formula is extracted in water. Usually herbs are soaked and cooked in water 2-3 times to extract the herbs’ medicinal value. The remaining fluid is taken daily. Concentrated extracts - Raw herbs are cooked and extracted into a concentrated powder form, typically the ratio is 1 gram of concentrated extract is equal to 5 grams of raw herbs. Only Chinese herbs are offered in this format.

Teas a single herb or combination of herbs is steeped to extract the medicinal value in water and drunk warm. The leaves and flower parts of herbs are infused by pouring hot or boiling water over the herbs and steeping for 15-20 minutes. More durable parts of herbs such as barks and stems are decocted by boiling them in water and steeping them for 20-30 minutes.

Powders/Pastes – Herbs are finely powdered and combined into formulas. Powders can be taken a variety of ways, from mixing with hot water and drinking as a tea to sprinkling over food. Pastes can also be made by blending the powder with another tasty substance such as yogurt, ghee, almond paste, honey, or black strap molasses. The substance used to blend pastes are usually determined by a person’s constitutional type and condition.

Patents/Pills – Traditional Chinese or western herbal formulas or single herbs are combined and prepared as pills, tablets, or capsules.

Flower Essences – The essence of a flower is extracted in an alchemical process and distilled in a solution of distilled water and a stabilizer (like brandy or a plant-base substance called Red Shiso).

Liniments - an infusion in which an alcohol is used to extract the medicinal properties of herbs. Liniments are used externally for such issues as bruising and trauma (with unbroken skin) and muscle or joint pain.

Oils – an infusion in which an oil (usually sesame or olive) is used to extract the medicinal properties of herbs. Oils are used externally to promote healing of a wide range of issues, from burns and cuts to internal issues such as arthritis and muscle pain.

Salves – an external remedy in which the medicinal properties of herbs are first extracted in an oil base and blended with beeswax to harden the mixture. Salves are used topically on the skin for issues such as burns, cuts, and bug bites.

Medical Qi Gong
Qi gong is one of the four branches of Chinese medicine and is over 5000 years old. It consists of movement, sound, breathing techniques, creative visualization, meditation and intention to move qi in the body and thus attain good health. I use both qi gong prescriptions, which are exercises individuals can do at home that are based in Chinese medical differential diagnosis and used to restore health and wellness. I also offer medical qi gong sessions (Chinese medicine energy work).  Medical qi gong sessions use the roadmap and diagnostic principles of Chinese medicine as well energetic healing states that allow the qi gong practitioner to facilitate changes to the energetic substructure of the client in order to improve their health and well being.  For more information about medical qi gong click here. 

Lifestyle Coaching
Assistance and support in making and maintaining diet and lifestyle changes is provided during follow-up sessions. This involves a range of strategies from providing specific help in how to implement changes to exploring and figuring out how to overcome barriers to making and sustaining changes.

Nutritional Counseling
Nutrition and dietary recommendations are an integral part of the strategy we will create to restore and sustain health. In my counseling, I combine both Chinese and Ayurvedic principles and teachings about food and how your body best assimilates and digests food. I educate and advise on the appropriate selection and preparation of foods, given your unique physical constitution and health issues.