Michele is available to offer workshops on a variety of topics on herbs and herbalism and can tailor it according to your individual needs. Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the course she has offered. Please call or email her for more details or to schedule workshop.

Eat Your Way To Energy and Balance
The food we eat affects our body in profound ways and is an important
tool for regulating energy levels and maintaining balance between the
mind, body, and spirit. This course integrates theory and philosophy
from traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western systems of healing to
explore how your body's energy interacts with that of the food you eat.
This course also explores how you can support your body in assimilating
the maximum nutritional value of your food. Learn practical tools to
assess how the food you are eating is affecting your body's unique
balance and how to bring things back into balance.

Herbal Medicine Making
This class introduces you to the basics of preparing and preserving
medicinal herbs using a variety of methods, including tinctures, teas,
syrups, oils and salves. We will discuss how to best select herbs to
address common seasonal health issues. This is a hands-on class that
gives you the opportunity prepare your own remedies

Eating with the Seasons
This is a series of four workshops that explores the types of ailments you are more susceptible to during each season, why this occurs, as well as how you can use the wisdom of nature to guide food and herb preparation and choices throughout the year to maximize your own health and well being.  Heeding nature’s cues allows our life practices to mirror the seasonal transformations, helping us to not only feel better, but to better able prevent the kinds of illnesses and disharmonies that typically occur during seasonal transitions and extremes.