The Role of the Herbalist - What to Expect

The goal of working with an herbalist is to stimulate and restore the body's natural healing capacity. The relationship between an herbalist and a client is best described as a partnership. You are the expert on what is happening with you and your body. My role as an herbalist is to help you understand how the complexities of your experience are affecting your overall health and support you in your unique healing process. Herbs, food, and qigong are the primary tools I use in my practice.

Although acute symptoms can usually be resolved quickly and effectively, the goal of this healing process is to stimulate a deep and dynamic process that seeks to shift the underlying root cause of the health issues. Remember that the body has amazing healing capacities. In order to maintain balance, we sometimes choose extreme behaviors in an effort to counter something that is occurring on the other end of the spectrum, like drinking caffeinated drinks to stimulate feelings of exhaustion.
The process of healing is about understanding and identifying which patterns and behaviors no longer sustain or nourish you and consciously choosing ones that do. As an herbalist, my role is to provide information, tools, and support to you as you engage in this process.

I am not a medical doctor, nor is this process a substitute for seeing your healthcare professional. No western medical diagnosis (i.e. diabetes, flu, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.) or advice concerning drugs or pharmaceuticals will be given.  The strategies that come from a consultation are designed specifically as a complement to work in conjunction with any western medical or pharmaceutical treatments you are using.  This approach, although distinctly different from western medical care in both philosophy and application, does not take the place of it in the management of disease and illness.