Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Initial Consultation ($155)
A comprehensive intital consultation lasts between 1.5 hours-1.75 hours.  In this consultation, we will focus on a customized herbal formula(s), as well as food, lifestyle, and qi gong/meditation recommendations designed for you. In addition, Michele will provide a brief written summary of recommendations discussed during the visit. 

Herbal Consultation ($95)
An herbal consultation lasts 1 hour and will focus on a customized herbal formula, as well as basic food recommendations designed for you. 

Follow-up Visits
A very important part of the process of working with an herbalist is ongoing monitoring and support to allow for adjustments in herbal formulas, as well as to continue and to deepen individual focus on food, lifestyle, and qi gong strategies. Herbal formulas are adjusted as needed to respond to improvements and changes in health, as well as to address any new concerns that arise. Follow-up visits can be an important source of support, not only to help you track your progress toward your health goals, but also in gaining new resources (such as qi gong) that can help you meet them. 

Follow-up sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on each individual's goals and needs. You can expect to return for a follow-up visit within 2-4 weeks following your initial visit. It is possible that after this initial follow-up, you may only need to check-in to get more herbs and not return for a follow-up visit in several months, depending on the individual situation. For more chronic or serious issues, follow-up visits may happen once a month.

30 minutes - $50
45 minutes - $65
1 hour - $80
1.5 hours - $125

Package Deals
Follow-up visits are essential part of the process and allow us to continually adjust your herbal formula to maximize its effectiveness, as well as to discuss food and qi gong tools that can enhance the herbs effectiveness. To save on the cost of follow-ups, I offer discounts for packages.
Follow-up visits are listed in time amounts and can be used in whatever combinations an individual prefers (ie 1.5 total hours could be used as either 3 sessions of 30 minutes each or 2 sessions of 45 minutes each).

Package Prices for 1.5 hour Initial Consultation (price is all inclusive except for herbs)
Long Initial Consultation plus 1.5 hours of follow-up time- $270
Long initial Consultation plus 3 hours of follow-up - $385

Package Prices for 1 hour Initial Consultations (price is all inclusive except for herbs)
Initial plus 2 follow-ups – (1.5 hours of follow-up) - $210
Initial plus 4 follow-ups (3 hours of follow-up) - $325

Family Packages
For entire families who would like to be seen, there is a discount on the initial consultation for each member who would like to schedule a consultation. The initial consultation is full price for the first family member, while the initial consultation for every other family member is discounted to the following:

a 1.5 hour consultation costing $135
a 1 hour consultation costing $85
a 30 minutes consultation costing $45

Package rates described above can also be applied and divided up as needed amongst family members.

Mentoring for Students of Herbal Medicine

Michele also offers mentoring for students of herbal medicine who are trained in Chinese medicine, including analyzing and reviewing cases, establishing and setting up an herbal practice, and advanced Chinese diagnostics. Please contact her for more information.

Combining Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture
Individuals who would like to combine Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, can schedule an initial consultation with Michele to assess their Chinese differential diagnosis, obtain an individualized herbal formula, and receive recommendations regarding food, lifestyle and qi gong. Andres Vergara, M.Ac., L.Ac., who is an acupuncturist trained in both five element acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine will work in conjunction with Michele to design and provide a complementary acupuncture treatment strategy. For more information about how to schedule with Andres, go to the 4 Branches Chiense Medicine Center website. 

Cost of Herbs
The cost of herbs and herbal formulas are separate.  Herbal formulas tend to range generally between $50-$75 for an average of 3 weeks.  The cost will vary according to the individual herbs in a formula.